Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Time for Angels

Lately I seem to have angels on the mind. Winged and halo'd forms are tailor made for many possibilities. But I'm, at least for the time being, turning my angel fixation off. I still want to paint beings of some sort...not necessarily beautiful beings, but with elaborate (heavily patterned) and abstract collaged garments , head coverings and backgrounds. No halos. No wings....unless oversized, kimono-like, sleeves can be translated as wings. I'm excited about creating my own papers for collage using a technique I learned from a couple of workshop videos. I'm creating a series of hand-cut rubber stamps and stencils for this project....and using tissue paper for collage and something more substantial as the ground. Until now, I've been tearing or cutting pre-printed scrapbook paper into the bits for collage. I guess that I'm taking a leap into the unknown....a whole new direction. I think that I may have lost my fear of calling what I do art...and calling myself an artist. Finally! I'm going up to my Washington retreat for three weeks of peace & quiet....some good Zen time. When I get back I'll be stamping, stenciling and painting. Can't wait to see what happens.