Monday, September 28, 2009

La Flora

Here's my latest mixed media painting. She's on wood. This is the first time that I've tried to paint a darker skin tone...and I think that I might have done something right...because I'm really pleased with the result. The on-line workshops that I've been taking are really paying off...I'm much more comfortable with the process of drawing, collage, under-painting, etc.
La Flora is 12x12....about 4" of the painting (to the right of the figure) is cut off due to the limitations of my scanner. I know that I should use a camera...but it's so much easier and faster just to scan stuff. xoxo

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My New Pink Dress

I am finishing up some little Petite Doll paintings that I sketched during the time I was taking SuziBlu's class. This one is painted on a 6x8 canvas panel. The flowers are hand carved stamps that I made a couple of nights ago while watching TV. I have two additional paintings on the same kind of substrate that I want to finish...and then I think that I'll play around with doing paintings on small canvases (6x6 and 6x8) which are stretched over frames that are 1 3/8" thick. I think that it would be fun to run the painting right over the edge of the canvas. The pieces wouldn't even have to be framed because they'd have a finished profile. Yesterday I went to my favorite art supply store...Dick Blick...and found that they were having their annual 50% off canvas I bought what I came for (a bottle of white acrylic ink and a kneaded eraser)...and then added a supply of canvases too.

I'm taking another on-line portrait class...this time it's straight acrylic paints...and learning how to work with values. It's being taught by Jane DesRosier...she does wonderful paintings. Love her work. I took a textures class from her earlier in the year. What I find so exciting is that as I'm learning...and practicing (that's the key here, I think)...I can see my work improving. Well...that's all for today. I'm going to do some pencil sketching, play with the dogs, and cook up a little dinner.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Another Petite Doll

Just one more little doll to add to my collection. These are so much fun to do (except the one that has the boy & girl on it....I've re-done that one three times since publishing them in this blog...and I still don't like the I think that I'll just paint them out and do something else on that 6 x 12 board). So that's that!
SuziBlu is going to do a "Goddess & Poet Part II" portrait class in December. I'm going to sign up as soon as she opens the sign-ups. We're hoping that she'll teach 3/4 and profile views of the face...I'd prefer 3/4 because there's so much more mystery in a partially turned face (I think). Whatever....I'll be looking forward to it.