Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Still Quilting After All These Years

I'm back after a long silence. After my last post a lot of things happened. I think that I mentioned something about traveling to Turkey for the wedding of my husband's daughter, Autumn....well....we did go in mid-July. I fell ill almost as soon as we got to Istanbul...got through the next 10 days with lots of pain and fever reducers...and landed in the hospital a couple of days after returning home. There I stayed for a week. Then two more weeks of slow recovery at home until I got back on my feet again. That about describes my great travel adventure. It's the old story....something I ate. My husband ate the same things that I did and nothing happened. Anyway...I'm not in any hurry to leave the country again.

For the New Year....2011....how time does fly....I've resolved to stop making so much "art" to swap and start finishing...and of course, starting....projects to keep. As for the finishing....I completed a quilt that had been three years in the making (I'm such a procrastinator). It was originally supposed to be a baby quilt for my Granddaughter, Lily. It would up being this year's Christmas gift. It's not a very good photo, but it turned out to be a very cute quilt. And I'm going to count it as my first finish of the New Year.

I found another UFO (Unfinished Object) in a box on a shelf. This consisted of a couple of completed and one partial block for a quilt that I began a couple of years ago. A Sue Spargo pattern....Ginger Grove. I've managed to complete all of the applique and embroidery on ALL of the blocks. The next step is sewing them together, layering the quilt top, batting and backing.....and.....quilting the thing. But first (something that I couldn't resist) another quilt begged to be started. This one is from a Kim McLean pattern called Roseville Album. I'm working on the second of the 16"x16" blocks. It's another applique project. I love applique. It's something I can do while watching TV. Actually, I don't really watch TV...I sort of half-listen and look up occasionally to see what's on the screen. Anyway...here's a sampling of both of these quilts. I'll be very lucky to post the photos in the right place....they usually wind up at the top. Still haven't figured that one out. Oh, well.

Bye for now.