Monday, January 30, 2012

finishes 2011....

I guess I should have kept a list and made photos of quilts that I sarted, finished, or 2011. I didn't. So I think that I'll just do this as I go and, in between talking about other things, squeeze in a quilt or two from last year. More and more, I've been piecing my quilt a style more like improv. This quilt is a little different. It's actually two sided...the back, an echo of the front, but with larger blocks and using a darker colors for the solid patches. I also used two solids rather than sticking to one as on its reverse. Here's a look at both sides.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

the best seat in the house......

Welcome to my favorite little corner of the world.  Here's where I play with fabrics, colors and patterns...then figure out how to turn them into all kinds of quilty things.  And some not so quilty.  The wonderful Miss Janome and her walking foot helped me quilt that colorful bit of patchwork on the left just this afternoon.  Tomorrow I'll make a pillow cover using that piece on the back.   


And here's the front....two fronts really ....because I have two pillows in the works.  I think that they're going to be a fun and colorful addition to the purple (yes, purple) love seat in my family room.  The pattern for this scrap rainbow is from a terrific new book, Scrap Republic.
I'm looking forward to making some of the other quilts from this book too.  This particular pattern takes the old, thrift based, scrap savers standby:  string piecing,  and gives it a fresh, new look.  Using scraps that I can't bring myself to throw away also helps me feel less guilty about those days when I can't stand it anymore and have to stop at my local quilt shop for a browse....which always turns into a buy.   The quilter's addiction....fabric.   There should be a fabri-holics anonymous for those like me...who find that the lure of cotton-on-the-bolt is irresistible.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

it's only been a year......?

2011 came and went...and my little blog was silent. It's not that I had nothing to say...or to show. I just got busy with things...simple, everyday things that, at the time, didn't seem to require a narrative or photos. Just the normal stuff of living. But now I think that I want to dust off my keyboard and try it again...blogging, I mean. No promises. I have a new camera and have taken some pictures. In a day or three I'll download a few and do a little writing...a sort of digital show and tell. So 'bye for now. I'll be back soon.