Sunday, June 13, 2010

Just Doodling

Sometimes I like to just take a Micron pen and a piece of drawing or watercolor paper and just play...see what, if anything, develops. So I doodled for a couple of hours today and up came this doodle-flower. I added a little color...simple black and white can be interesting...but my paper was not a bright white...sort of a light cream. From the beginning, this doodle wanted to be bright black and white with touches of it sort of decided that I should add some color to make it sing a little. So here's the result. I placed it on a piece of fun dotty, green paper that I thought would add a fun look....notice that it's the same paper that I used for yesterday's birthday card. I like this paper. I like dotty patterns...especially on bright backgrounds. So that's my big accomplishment for today....a doodle-flower on a dotty paper background. Some days just turn out that way too....a bit dotty.


Ruthykins said...

please come back and show us some more art. i miss it.

Outstanding Stranger said...

What a great zentangle. I just wanted to stop over and say hi. I got one of your houses and love your technique. I love how you did the chalk on the background. I would like to try it. Have a question too. What is the white pen that you use...? Anyway, have a good week. Hugs, Diane