Wednesday, February 1, 2012

two pillows and a purple love-seat....

I finally finished the quilting, binding and sewing of my string-pieced and patched pillow covers. Don't know if I can really count them as two finishes for they are almost identical. I've been thinking of them as one project so I guess I'll count them in the same way. Unimportant technicality. The important thing is that I stuffed them full of pillow today and placed them where they'll live, at least for the time being, on the purple love-seat in the family room. The dogs weren't ready for this turn of events. The love-seat is a favorite hang-out. And in the mind of Archie, our slightly-off-center chihuahua
... pillows, blankets or whatever else that land in a space he's claimed as his own....must be thrown off, kicked off, nudged off or otherwise cleared out. Immediately! Unfamiliar as he is with the two intruders, for the time being he is proceeding with caution. By tomorrow afternoon he will have figured it all out and the pillows will have been evicted and in exile on the floor. I don't take that kind of thing personally. Once I'm done with a project I let go of it emotionally. And since it no longer belongs to me I figure I can just let it fend for itself.

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