Friday, February 17, 2012

hexagon update.....

The last of the basting stitches and little hexagonal papers went into the wastebasket this afternoon. I could have finished with this piece of business sooner....but, got done. Now I need to take a bit of think time. Sometimes, after a spell of thinking, I'll come up with a plan for what to do with a quilt top...what to make for its back and how to quilt the thing. Sometimes a quilt top will tell me what it wants me to do with it. When the plan comes together I'll proceed. Until then I'll get going on another project. I'd like to design or make something with a limited color pallet....since lately everything that I've done seems to be painted with a very scrappy brush. And since I have no photos of work or work in progress to show's a photo of one of my dog-babies. Her name is Mopsy Blue-eye. She's fierce, funny, and weighs six pounds.

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