Wednesday, February 15, 2012

1,995 hexagons.......

It was great take-a-long project and a wonderful exercise in English paper piecing. Little hexagons became part of my life. First cutting out paper templates, then covering each with a bit of fabric and hand basting fabric to paper, then whip stitching each piece to its was a challenge and it was fun (most of the time)....but....with all 1,995 1.5" paper pieced hexagons stitched together side by side by side, I found that the most tedious bit of business still had to be done. Before any batting, backing or stitching turn this top into a quilt....I have to pick out all of the basting stitches and pull off each paper hexagon. Yes, all 1,995 of them. So here I am, covered with bits of thread and filling my waste basket with hexagonal bits of paper. The dogs all look bored. Starting a project is so much darned fun that I almost always forget just what it takes to get to the finish. I know that I'll love the quilt. And I guess that's all that matters in the end.

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