Thursday, February 9, 2012

too many thimbles.....?

Question: can one have too many thimbles? Well, for me, owning a thimble...or you see in the photo, makes me secure. It's like this.....No matter what....when I decide to do some stitching I need to know that I'll always find a thimble that fits. My collection (which includes several others that weren't rounded up in time for the group photo) must protect my needle pushing middle finger under all circumstances. And....each one is slightly different from the rest. They may be advertised as all being a size small, medium or whatever...but believe me, the thimble industry seems to have missed entirely the concept of standardized sizing. There's also the little problem of finger size. We all have days when water retention or a gain of an extra pound or two caused our fingers to suddenly plump up. And what about when that mysterious condition....which I call early-morning-skinny-finger-syndrome....has turned our fingers to mere shadows of their former selves? Try to get a proper thimble fit then. So....I keep a whole stable of thimbles....just in case. One never knows.......

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